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A House in Los Ranchales

So that when our hotel sits not at home but at home, «The Ranchales» has provided a very warm, cozy, intimate decoration, he overwhelms its austere beauty and melancholy sobriety. Enter their rooms invite you to peace, a good read, a dream reconciler and a promising stay to rest.

Light «The Ranchales» and its rustic atmosphere, will help better understand the simplicity of country life, and accompany him when tasting a glass of milk or a loaf of bread filled with honey in the desayuno.Serenidad and good service, intelligent distribution and a space surrounded by nature, leaning only to one of its windows.

Bathrooms will surprise you with its functionality and its decorative lightness; and details of curtains, furniture and accessories, will help make your stay unforgettable. In its romantic corners will savor a very special way of doing things.

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  • Home 1 - Casa de los Titos
  • Home 2 - Río Lobos
  • Home 3 - Laguna Verde
  • Home 4 - Pico Urbión
  • Home 5 - Casa Edulis
  • Home 6 - Laguna Helada
  • Home 7 - Laguna Negra
  • Home 8 - Santa Inés
  • Home 9 - Casa Los Ramos
  • Home 10 - Casa Amanita

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