Places of interest

1. La Laguna Negra

The Black Lagoon Urbión, or just the Black Lagoon, is a glacial lake located in the mountains of the Picos de Urbión, between the municipalities of Vinuesa Soria and Covaleda, Castilla y Leon, Spain.

2. Playa Pita

Pita beach is very busy in July and August to swim, ride the pedal boats, walking, sunbathing, eating and snacking, perform various water sports.

3. La Fuentona

The Fuentona Natural Monument is one of the six existing natural monuments in the region of Castilla y León. It is located in the municipality of Cabrejas del Pinar, near Muriel de la Fuente in the province of Soria.

It consists of a set of ravines and gorges flanked by impressive rock formations of limestone origin and shaped around the Abión river. The birth of this river occurs in the place known as «La Fuentona Muriel». It is an upwelling of groundwater after traveling many rock cavities go abroad to set in its path many corners in which nature is seen in all its fullness.

4.Cañón de Rio Lobos

Deep calcareous canyon formed by an ancient and intense fluvial erosion Lobos river. It is situated in the mountains of foothills that separate the foothills of the Iberian Range and the high plateau of Duero. The river narrows from Burgos and continues burrowing Cretaceous limestone in Soria traveling more than 25 km.

5. Castroviejo

Castroviejo is one of the most impressive for its beauty and uniqueness of the province places. If we look to the viewpoint, the view is majestic: pine forests, meadows, villages, Pico Fronts, Soria, until lost in the distance. About three hundred meters down the forest road continues, and unmade, leaves a path on the right, and about five minutes walking we will find Cueva Serena, breathes peace.

6. Comunero de Revenga

The Comunero Revenga is a land on which share jurisdiction of Spanish municipalities Canicosa de la Sierra, Quintanar de la Sierra and Regumiel de la Sierra. It is located between the three locations, southeast of the province of Burgos, in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon.

In the same location is the House of Wood is a multidisciplinary building that serves both exposure and training among many other uses: Association headquarters Urbión Model Forest, tourist reception center, etc.